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10 Reasons to invest in a Franchise for kindergarten in India

10 Reasons to invest in Franchise for kindergarten in India

There is a huge demand for playschools in India. While there are many playschool franchises coming up each year, there are many others that are already doing great in the business. So, if child education excites and you have a passion for entrepreneurship, starting a playschool franchise is just the right thing for you!

This post will tell you why you must invest in the franchise for a play school.

Reasons to invest in a Franchise for kindergarten in India

Today, parents are very concerned about their kids’ education, right from the beginning. This has given an impetus to the preschools in India. Therefore, this arena poses great scope for business success. Let us look at some of the major reasons to invest in preschool franchises in India.

  1. Low Investment:Most of the playschool franchises need an initial investment of 5- 10 lakhs only. This is quite a small investment for any business that you plan to start up. Most of the investment also goes towards fixed costs, like toys and study material for the kids, school space and renovation.
  1. Women-friendly job: Although women work in almost all the sectors today, having kids around is always a plus point. Isn’t it? Also, kids love the company of women. The stress levels in teaching small kids is also less as both the teacher and the student enjoy each other’s’ company.
  1. Support from the franchisor: Most of the franchisors arrange for the training and placement facilities and also the promotional advertisements. With so much support coming from an external source, you can relax a bit about the business.
  1. Less school space: For a decent play school franchise, the minimum are requirement is quite less. So, you don’t have to invest a lot of time and money in buying a large space.
  1. Good returns on investment: The education sector is predicted to grow exponentially in the upcoming decade. In such a scenario, a play school franchise guarantees higher returns on investment.
  1. Spreading awareness about health at an early age: With preschool education, you can help the country become a better place by helping the children learn about health care. You can educate people about sanitation and healthcare so that they follow it properly and thus, make our country cleaner.
  1. Different packages of investment: The preschool franchise market allows you to invest according to your budget. There are different levels of investment to suit your needs. You could start with a basic start-up also, if your budget is a little on the lower side.
  1. Getting an association with an international brand: Getting linked to an internationally recognized brand of preschool would boost your business definitely. You get to work and teach students according to international guidelines and standards.
  1. Working hours are convenient: In a playschool, you have the benefit of enjoying convenient working hours. By investing only 4-5 hours a day, you can get good returns.
  1. Scope of expansion: For preschools and such education related franchises, the scope for future expansion is too high.

These are some of the benefits of investing in a preschool Franchise for kindergarten. Kidgo Play School in NCR region is a fast growing play school that caters to all the above needs. They have excellent staff and their franchise process is very convenient and requires low investment. If you want to earn a good income with less investment, do consider this choice!

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