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10 Advancements Kidgo Play has brought in India in the Preschool Education Sector

At Kidgo Play School, you wouldn’t have to worry about your child’s future. This is one of the best preschools in all over India. They provide some of the best facilities for your child. By making use of the latest developments in child education sector, this playschool franchise has brought many advancements in the early education sector in India.

Kidgo play school provides unparalleled child education and development services. Their methods are kid-centric and go at a safe pace for the kid. This post will talk about some of the advancements made in the kidgo playschool with preschools in all over India education sector by Kidgo Play School.

Advancements made by Kidgo Play School

The programs of Kidgo are designed to address all the qualities that a child must possess. Their plans are unique and their methods of teaching are exciting. Kids have loved being at the school and truly enjoy how the teachers deal with them. Kidgo has brought many advancements in the preschool education sector. Let us look at them in brief:

  1. Use of tablets

By the use of tablets, Kidgo has popularized the concept of interactive learning. They ensure that the kids get to learn many things while having fun. Interactive games are fun and quite informative too. So, your kids are nourished without getting bored!

  1. Online Portal

Unlike the traditional teaching methods, Kidgo has implemented an online portal for parents. Here, they can check the grades and the performance of the kids online.

  1. Increased accessibility

Kidgo has ensured that teachers and parents who want to be a part of this preschool sector can easily contact them. They have multiple channels of communication. They have ensured an uninterrupted accessibility for their prospective teachers and parents.

  1. Holistic Learning

Kidgo has successfully spread a word about the need for a child’s emotional and social growth, in addition to their academic growth.

  1. Co-curricular activities

In a feat to develop holistic learning, Kidgo has introduced extra co-curricular activities for the child such as art, dance and computers.

  1. Teacher training

Kidgo provides training and assistance to their teachers. They follow a process that educates every teacher about the basic needs of a student. This is a reason, Kidgo is one of the favorite choices of the parents and kids.

  1. Learning English

This is one of the very important changes in the preschool sector. You kid learns the mother language as well English in a fluent manner at Kidgo. Most of the kids grow up weak in English as they learn only the mother language from their parents. Kidgo ensures that this deficiency is met.

  1. Exciting toys

Kidgo has a range of exciting toys and dolls that are loved by every child. They have a huge collection of toys for the kids. They us the toys in teaching the children how to deal with real life circumstances.

  1. Camps

Kidgo Play School organizes summer and winter camps that are designed to increase the social and emotional acceptance of the child. In such camps, the kids learn about new things and interact with other kids.

  1. Subject matter experts

Kidgo conducts workshops and seminars to educate the staff and also the parents. These workshops are conducted by subject matter experts who give their best of knowledge to those attending it.

By implementing the above techniques and methods, Kidgo has brought about a radical change in the preschools all over in India. Contact Kidgo Play School today to know more!

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