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10 Reasons Kidgo Play school should be your next Franchise choice

With the ever increasing demand for child early-educations in India, the number of  preschool franchise are increasing. They are set up to meet the different requirements of overall development of a child. One such great preschool is the Kidgo chain of play schools.

This post will tell you why you must invest in the Kidgo playschool franchise.

WhyKidgo Play School should be your next Franchise choice?

The Kidgo chain of preschools are one of the leading high-end play schools for kids in the age group 1-10. There are many perks of being associated with Kidgo. Let us list the top benefits of being a franchise for the playschool.

  1. Low cost of investment:

By investing only around 4-6 lakhs, you can own a franchisee of Kidgo. This also guarantees a high return on investment. You get to earn much higher than you invest.

  1. ‘Round the clock’ brand support:

With Kidgo, you get 24X7 help and support. They have an excellent support staff who is ready to help you with all your needs and queries.

  1. Transparency:

There are no hidden costs or other challenges involved while working with Kidgo. Their policies and norms are quite transparent and favorable.

  1. Unlimited growth opportunity:

With Kidgo, you enjoy an unlimited opportunity for growth, coupled with their incessant support and help.

  1. Staff training:

Kidgo will help you with the staff training right from the beginning. You can rely on their outstanding training facilities. They thoroughly guide you about the way things are supposed to be at the playschool.

  1. Marketing assistance:

Kidgo helps all its franchises in the promotional and marketing activities. You do not have to worry about how to gain more students. Kidgo will effectively advertise your franchise and also feature you on their website.

  1. Help with budgeting:

Kidgo chain of preschools helps all its franchisers in deciding the budget of the preschool based on the socio-economic conditions of the area in which they are going to operate.

  1. Different packages:

Depending on the franchiser’s budget, Kidgo has a number of packages that can be selected from. If you want to spend less, you will get an advice on the best way to do so.

  1. Lower pay back period:

With Kidgo, you enjoy a favorable payback period of only 6-8 months. This is a very favorable number for any investment.

  1. No extra investment:

At Kidgo preschool franchise, all your primary expenses like furniture, equipments and fixtures are included in the initial investment. There will be nothing more that you would need to pay over and above the initial payment.

If you want to invest in a preschool franchise, Kidgo is a very bright option for you. It shows high expectations of growth and being associated with it could mean an excellent future for you and your business. Contact today to know more!

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